Does gopro wifi remote and iphone app need a wifi network to run?

Can I use the wifi remote in the woods without a wifi hotspot connection? (Does the gopro link to the remote, Bluetooth-style, without an existing wifi network that they both must join)?

PS… This is not something that involves memory or storage-- the go pro has a remote control to operate it… It also has an app you can download for free to use your smartphone as a wireless monitor while shooting video. My question was if it links up to the remote/phone without the use of a WIFI network that it must join (such as your home wifi network, etc)

The GoPro creates a wireless network, so you do not need an additional wireless network. For example with the Iphone you would turn on the WiFi on the GoPro and then go to the settings on the Iphone and connect to the wifi network that the GoPro is now broadcasting. You then open the GoPro app and it connects.

Hope this helps.