Does iPhone 4s for Verizon Wireless have an external memory slot?

I recently purchased an Iphone 4s 16 GB for Verizon Wireless, and I was wondering if I can insert a SD external memory card in the device. I examined the device, and I've found what resembles a card slot on one side of the phone. I doubt the slot is for a SIM card, because Verizon doesn't use them, so wouldn't it be logical that the slot is there for external SD cards?

No iPhone does. And Verizon does use sim cards for their 4g lte network.

If it does it would involve removing the battery cover.

No. IPhone never has and never will use memory cards. The slot for the global SIM card is on the side.

Nope, it's not a card slot, it's for SIM. Verizon might not use SIM but it's for using the phone with International SIM if you go abroad or use with any SIM after unlocking the phone.