Does Lifeproof case really work underwater?

I am going on a cruise in June and am wondering if it would be worth buying Lifeproof case for my iPhone 4S. I was hoping to take pictures under water. But I'm afraid I will end up destroying my phone. Thanks for the input.

I think that it is necessary to buy a iphone lifeproof case for your iphone whether it works or not, it can really to a large extent help you reduce loss once your iphone have come across the water

I looked at Lifeproof's site.

It appears that for some purposes, their cases may be effective,
but you would be responsible for using them as directed.

They will protect devices only to a depth of about 6 feet,
which is not very deep by most standards.

I wouldn't take the thing more than 3 feet down.

Considering the number of questions posted on Y! A
about how to resurrect dunked or drowned phones and MP3 players,
I believe any water-resistant case should be at least slightly better than nothing.

Yes, most of the time they work. What I would do, is test it. I took the case, then set it up just with the iPhone not in it. Then I put it under the sink to see if there were any leaks.

3 ft is stupid I'd want to go deeper then that.