Does the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve work with the iPhone 5?

Ever since the iPhone 5 was released I've heard a lot of complaints about how people's old iPhone 4/4S accessories with the old 30-pin connector don't work with the lightning to 30-pin adapter

I'm wondering will the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve work on the iPhone 5 if a lightning to 30-pin adapter is used?

Has anyone done this? I am quite frustrated with Mophie for not making any efforts to produce a Juice Pack Reserve for the iPhone 5.

In case anyone is unsure of what I am speaking of:

THIS is the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve:

AND THIS is the lightning to 30-pin adapter:

I don't have a Mophie Juice Pack, but have you heard of the Proporta USB TurboCharger 7000? You just use the Apple USB-Lightning cable that you got with your iPhone 5, none of this adapter business:)