Dropped iPhone 4s in toilet?

I dried it with a towel and put it Straight in rice and left it there for 4 days, today i plugged the charger in and it fired up but the screen stayed black ( i know it fired up ecause when my phone gets the home screen it bleeps at me, and i did a print screen) the buttons are all working fine.
is it just a matter of leaving it in the rice for the screen to work again? Or is my screen just gone?
ive put it back in the rice now though

Added (1). Ive looked on ebay for new iPhones, im planning on buying one for about £200 if this one doesnt work anytime soon.

Your screen is probably gone, and warrentis do not cover water damage

Most likely the screen would come back after you've let it settle. But if it doesn't and you can't access much of the phone, you should stop the service on the phone and ask for a repair. In worst cases you could buy a new phone if the screen doesn't come up.