Earbuds work only when halfway in?

So I got these skullcandy earbuds about a month ago and they worked perfectly fine until now… They work only when half way plugged in, I tried plugging them into my iPod iPhone laptop, all the same, I can't afford to get anymore, THEY COST 45.00$

Return them. At 45 bucks they should last longer.

No you have to shove dem up ya bum

Try to get a refund. It sounds plainly like a hardware problem and if it's not your fault and it's under warranty, then you should be able to refund it. I also advise not buying skullcandy earphones at all. I find personally skullcandy is a brand that is more about style and a lot less about quality. Try some good old seinheiser earphones. They're usually cheap compared to most earphones with similar hardware and I found them to be built well (not all of them though, but it could just be my fault).

If you get this problem with more than one source there is probably a short in your earphone plug and the earphone should be replaced. Note that Skullcandy does not have the best reputation when it comes to build and sound quality, so you may want to switch to a better brand like Sennheiser. If the problem appears only with one source (i.e. Problem with your mp3 player but not your phone) it is probably a problem with that sources headphone jack.