Games like Skyrim for iPhone/iPod/iPad?

So I was completely in love with Skyrim, but my brother deleted my game on his PS3 because he was in a mood with me. I bought it for the PC and it doesn't work(unplayablely slow).So what games in there on iTunes that's like Skyrim? I would like it if it was the same layout(like see through the characters eyes other than actually seeing the whole character). I have already got The quest of Aralon: Sword and the Shaddow but I don't like it.
It doesn't matter if I have to buy it.

Thank you in advance.

Dungeon Hunter 3 looks like a good one, and looks similar to skyrim:).

Infinity Blade

Bard's tale

You have asked this twice? I can't imagine any games on the app store like Skyrim if anyone did make a game like it it simply would match up to it because everything about Skyrim was amazing and things such as the graphics and the story wouldn't be as detailed because the app would be so big.

You have a mean brother and I weep for your loss!

1)Dungeon Hunter 2 & 3
2)Infinity Blade
And if you need more games for iphone/ipad/ipod, so use
But you can play skyrim, go to