GBA4ios emulator not opening?

My GBA4ios emulator won't open on my iPhone. Is the app opening/working for anyone else? I know some people who are having the same problem too

Since the default settings include automatic updates, it's possible that it's being updated at the moment. You might want to check the developer's twitter(@rileytestut) for more news or updates on the emulators.

If what bobby says doesn't work try deleting and redownloading on this site
That's the one I used and mines working awesome

Will reinstalling the app get rid of all your roms and/or saves?

Same here. I have gotten really far in Pokemon Fire Red and I don't want to delete my progress in the game.

Dont worry, I found an odd way to make it work! Go on your phone to your settings and change the date to anything before July 16 and GBA4iOS will start to work. It worked for me! :D "Settings > General > Date and Time." I believe the developer is working on a fix for this so hopefully there is one to come soon.

Will changing the date mess anything up like the update?

My game cannot download

My GBA won't open

fix this! I want to play pokemon

I wanna play Kirby! How come it won't open?!

Nintendo shut the app down that's why we can't download it

before july 16th what year?