He's sending me mixed signals, what does this mean?

Ok so im in 7th grade and theres this boy i like named cody and cody is always saying how his friends like me its mostlyhe says richie likes me and want to kiss me and go out with me but richie doesnt show any sighs of that but whenever cody says that richie gets red and says yes cody always says kylie richie wants to go out with you will you or kylie come sit next to richie or kylie will u kiss richie but richie likes someone else and my friend says he could have more than 1 crush and some people think he likes me but it just doesnt seem like it he always messes with me and teeses me playfully like allof their group does they are the preppy jocks the most popular boys and cody lookeds at me and every time i screw up something he laughs playfully and every time i talk in class when we r supposed to be quiet he always tells me to be quiet and last week i just got an iphone and we were talking after the ELA and h offered to buy my half broked ipod and fix it then we were talking about random stuff and he says can i have ur cell number and after we talked about other stuff he said i was just kidding but richie wants it and codys always more flirty and he tells me to stop lokking at him and sometimes im not even looking im just that way hes asked me out as a joke and every time he does something like that he says hes just kidding my friend says he tprobobly hinks his covers blown and i dont like him but a few months ago he told his friend who im friends with that i like him and i said its not true and like 2 weeks ago he was being extremely annoying and stupid and i like flipped out i told him to shut up and leave me alone and i aksed him if he thought everything was a joke and if he could be normal for a day and i worked in the hall for the rest of the period and when i cae back in at the last minute to get my stuff his friend apologizes to me for pissing me off and cody says he is but his voice sounded a it wise and on th way out he was putting his binders away and his seats in the way of the door so i asked him to move then i relized our faces were close like about a little less than a foot and we were looking in each others eyes for like 5 secs and he stopped putting his stuff away then i just left we never mentioned it again to each other but he propbobly told his friends cuz i told some of mine so what does all of this mean o and cody doesnt have a gf

Didnt read and ur only in 7th grade hes not sending u mix signals he 12 he has 0 game.

There is no such thing as mixed signals.a guy is interested or not.mixed signals=not interested enough.

CODY likes u. He's only doing this to get your attention