Help jailbreaking an iphone 4 6.1.3? (tried both snowbreeze and redsnow)?

First redsnow i have both 6.0 &6.1.3 ipsw files. I set the custom to 6 and go jailbreak but it givese the same message over and over exploit failed. Does the same thing when trying to run the ipsw to restore the iphone for redsnow. So im stuck their.
snowbreeze is making me mad. I had 6.1.3 custumized by it. I have unbrella. What i do is i first turn on unbrella and run the file.came up with error 11 a couple times but fixed it now its showing 1600 i do someshit with the red snow (custumize it and somehow patch it) i run it again but no luck errot 1601. Honestly i dont know what i did but i had gotten passed that problem 40 min ago. I run it then it shows me error 1602. Like comeone! I figure out what it ment to late (reset the computer or use another file). But then i end up back at the error 1600 and cannot get passed it. Any help would be neccesary right now…

you need jailbreaking software