High School Story Hack? No surveys. -.-?

Gosh, I feel really desperate and pathetic asking this, but are there any websites that allow a High School Story hack for the iPhone without surveys popping up? I understand that the surveys are there for a reason, and frankly I wouldn't mind if they worked… But I've tried time after time and the surveys never work for me. Can anyone help? :P

I have the same problem! The surveys never work! Sorry for not answering.

So true! I wish i could just hack it and play. :/

I found like 2 that did work, but then when I downloaded it the thing itself didn't work! Then when I go to find another version of it, if I try and use the only working survey it says that my IP already did it. So annoying!

Same here! I just want more rings! Is that a problem? :P

I Want moré rings books and coins

me too it never works

Its true they never work!