How to deactivate an apple account?

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Ok so I switched from an iphone to an android device. I love apple but I switched to android for reasons. Ok so the problem is I can't recive texts from iphones. Yet I can text iphone. My friends are telling me that when they send texts to my number it says imessage. When not even my ipod gets the message. I think I need to deactivate my apple account: cccccc or unregister from imessage: c I restored my ipod but that did nothing. I called apple and in order to deactivate the account then I have to pay for customer service._. Why steve why! I love apple but right now its pissing me off. I know its not the providers fault cause they've done everything they can so I know this is apple. Anyone know what I need to do? Help please: c

Don't change to android I'm serious theyre phones freeze up a lot and make it hard to do anything! Call apple and ask them if they'll replace the iPhone with mayb a better model if you have a warranty! If you don't then ask anyway! For txting down load textplus from the app store it's complete free and free txting.It'll give you a new txting num! So that's what you give to friends if you want them to txt u! But after all of that and you still want to delete it go to iTunes and maybe mess w/ it a little and I rem that if you pull up ur device you can forget the device or something thank you!