How to download pictures from my iphone to my macbook pro?

I have a 16GB iphone 4s and i wanted to download my pictures from vacation onto my computer. I plugged it into my computer via my usb cord and opened iphoto where it said i have zero photos. I checked my phone again and i still saw all my pictures from vacation that i had taken. I looked it up online where it told me to use preview to download the photos. That said i had no photos on my iphone either. Does anyone know how i can download these photos from my phone to my computer? (i dont want to email each individual photo because that would take too long)


Most cell phones and digital cameras have two folders. One is something the phone uses and does not store photos there. The other is usually named something like DCIM. Then there may be one or more folders in there that actually have the photos. So you may have to navigate amongst the folders to find your pictures. They are in there for sure.

See the Apple article below.

You may try iPod/iPad/iPhone transfer software, it's a nice iTunes alternative that can help you upload music and video to iPod/iPad/iPhone, I always use it to sync my iPhone and works pretty well