How to get rid of an obsessed lesbian stalker?

Hi, a few nights ago I get this random friend request on facebook from this girl. A couple weeks pass and we don't talk. Then I make a status that she comments on… Which leads to a short conversation. We exchanged numbers [bad idea] to talk. At fIrst she seemed decent and like a nice girl. But now… [the day after] she won't stop texting me… Calling me… And telling me how much she likes me. She calls me several times a day… Texts me things like "I miss you" 5 minutes after we hang up. I'm starting to get seriously creeped out.

She doesn't seem all there in the head… Help

How do I block her number via iPhone?


Grow a penis.

Become a serial killer

This reminds me of Room mate. This sounds like an interesting plot, of course with a couple changes to how you met.

Weird fantasy you've got there mr. I made this account today in order to ask a weird question and fap to the answers

Whatever you do, do NOT make her a sandwich. She'll never go away.

Tell her you have bf
than stab her in the vagina… With a cactus

go online and block her, or call phone company

That happened to my friend once and you need to be blunt with her. She will get the point once you be striahgt up with her. She might get piiisedd off but itll end there.

Just change your number or tell her that you changed your number to ___.

Or call the phone company. If they don't do anything then tell her to stop calling you 24/7. If she continues, then go to the police.