How to track my husband s iPhone?

Can I use a free app to track his phone? Help! VERY IMPORTANT!

If you can get his iCloud log-in, you can use the native app to GPS locate him.

It has to be set up.

Most cell phone providers have family locators, like sprint. I track my kids! 5 bucks a month and WELL worth it!

I'm glad I'm with a man that I can trust, and ALSO talk to and confront face to face if there's a problem. But that's just me, I guess…

Before you download any applications to become a snoop, you should make an appt. With a counselor because there are serious issues at stake and they are likely going to cause the marriage to fail. It's either cheating from your husband or you insecurities and need to snoop on a guy who isn't doing anything wrong. Either way, counseling should be first on your to-do list.

You need to talk to a lawyer

some states have laws against snooping (in divorce cases) and that could land you in further trouble with the law if a divorce starts to become a factor.

I hope it is for some good purpose. This guide should help you get started -

Follow the link for some tested iphone tracker apps:
It helps track gps, calls, sms and more.