How long does an order from Etsy take to deliver?

I got this:

How long will it take to deliver. Thanks: D

When you order from Etsy, you aren't ordering from them directly. It works like eBay in that you are buying from an individual shop on that site.So, the shipping time will depend on the Etsy shop you bought from. Visit the item page again to see if there is any information and if not, check the main shop's page or policies page. If you still can't find any information, try contacting the seller/shop owner by using Etsy's "convo" feature. Again, you're purchasing from an individual, so shipping time depends on that person's location relative to yours, how often they ship, what method they ship (post office, UPS, etc.), and possibly other factors.

It depends on the individual seller. You can ask her or read her feedback to gauge whether any lateness problems are common.