How long does it take to download the ios 7 for iphone 4s?

I'm downloading the ios 7 on my iphone 4s. How long does it take? I want it to be ready by tomorrow or atleast before i go to

It depends. Today, a lot of users had trouble downloading it and many of them received error messages including me.
However, some had a very smooth downloading experience.

From what I've heard from my peers, those who didn't get an error message:
- 1 hour or even less to download the update
- 20 mins or so to update their phone.

MY Experience:
- I started at 1:00PM.
- I tried downloading multiple times from the minute iOS 7 was released worldwide.
- Had about 10+ error messages.

By the time I've finally downloaded the update (It's been 2 hours of repeatedly trying).
- 1 hour to download

By the time my phone has the update, I got another error message this time:
"Software update unavailable. Try again later."

So, I tried this multiple times and when I finally performed a hard reset, it worked.
- 15-20 minutes or so to update.

I finally got the update at 3:56 PM.

HOPEFULLY, now that the servers had calmed down a bit, yours won't take as long.
But, it really depends. It shouldn't take that long as long as you don't get any error messages.

1. Does your device support iOS 7?
iOS 7 is supported by iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5; iPad 2, third and fourth-generation iPads, iPad mini; and the fifth-generation iPod touch. Also, certain features of iOS may not be available on all devices. For instance, the iPhone 4S doesn't support features like AirDrop and live filters in the camera app. The iPad 3 also doesn't support AirDrop.

2. Backing up your device
If you don't regularly backup the data on your iPhone or iPad, now is a good time. You'd like your favourite apps and settings to transition to iOS 7 and for that you'll need to take a backup.

You can take a backup your device in two ways, backing up to iCloud (Apple's servers) or by backing up data to your Mac or PC via iTunes.

If you've enabled the option to backup data to iCloud, your device usually takes a backup automatically when it's charging, locked and connected to a Wi-Fi network. To check when the last backup was performed (if it's been enabled) go to the Settings app and tap on iCloud. You'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the menu where you'll see a Storage & Backup option under which it'll be mentioned whether iCloud Backup is off or on. If it's on, you'll also see the date and time when the Last Backup was done. Note that your device must be connected to Wi-Fi.

Started the download to my iPhone 5s, it's been over 2 hours and my phone will not start up.

I've been trying to download since 9:00am this morn. No error messages. I have a black screen with the apple symbol and a line below it that looks like it hasn't moved in a couple of hrs.

I have been trying to update since 7:30 and all I have is the apple sign, black screen and a line what can I do?