How long should it take my iPhone to charge enough for it to turn on?

My iPhone died on me I put it on the charger and it's been more then 5 min. Still not turning on, help me please

When the phone dies completely, like all the way to 0… It takes a while longer before it shows on the charge, just leave it plugged in and after 20 mins or so you will see it charging. I've been through this a few times… But usually recharge at 20% or so, just forgot a couple times.

Odd, if I do say so myself. If you hit the power button, does it still indicate it needs to charge? Is the charger working? Is the outlet (or charging source) active?

Very weird. My iPod Touch usually turns on about a minute after I plug it in.

Happy iPhoning!

Like 5 minutes? It should boot on pretty quickly since the iPhone has a quick charge feature

I've never waited longer than 5 minutes with only a blank screen. Here are steps:
1) Press the Sleep button to see if your iPhone might be off.
2) Press Home and Sleep for 30 seconds or more with your iPhone plugged in. After doing so, wait another 5 minutes.
3) Try a different cable and power adapter.

mine is doing the same

mine is doing the same exact thing but mine has been dead for at least a month because I lost it and it is charging but wont turn on and it is its first time being dead at 0 scince I got it

it hs been about n hour still hasn't turned on for me the guest right above this is me btw'

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