How long will the iPhone 4 be supported?

I was thinking of buying a iPhone 4, but how long will it be before Apple stop supporting it (updates and that) ?

Tough to say. They've actually supported it for longer than I thought they would.

They are still supporting the iPhone 3GS. I'd say that the iPhone 4 should last through the next iOS update… So probably a year and a half at least.

Well I have iPhone 3G, it is the only iPhone currently not supported. Although I can still download some games onto it and it still works great:')

Probably for another year at least.

Usually iPhones are supported through 2 full iOS versions, example the iPhone 2G (1st iPhone) was supported from iOS 1.0 to 3.1.3 (3rd major version).

So since the iPhone 4 started on iOS 4.0 it should last through the last version of iOS 6 (which could be the current iOS 6.1.3) but because the hardware in the 4 is better than the 2G I think it could last through iOS 7's last version which would be about this time in 2014.

@Rainbow: No, the iPhone 2G is also no longer supported. The remaining other iPhones, 3GS, 4, 4S & 5 are still.

Do you mean ios updates? I guess it would still be awhile, maybe 2 years or even more. But if it is about the hardware, I think it will be awhile, longer than the ios support.