How long would 1gb of data last on an iphone?

Last night i was out and a few frinds stole my iphone. I had $24.00 and they used it up in about 3 hours. They were just on things like facebook and instagram. I was wondering, if i got 1GB of data would it last a while? Like does facebook use up much? Thanks:)

It depends! You can use it up in 3 hours or you can use it up for a month. If you keep your data on while not in use, its using up your MB so that way it'll end quick. But say you're on Facebook and Instagram for an hour and then you switch it off when you're not using it, it can last for about 20 days. It really depends on how you use it and whether you're smart and save up your data or keep it on all the time and waste it. Hope this helps! :)