How many minutes do i have left?

Well on my iphone its say i have 11gbs left on my data plan, how much is that worth? Like how much time i can use my data plan left before it runs out.

sorry if this is messy or hard to understand. I tried my best to explain it

There is no way to directly convert Gbs into minutes. That's why it's called 'data'. Your data usage depends upon what you are doing with your phone (watching movies, streaming music, surfing the web, etc.).

Sorry this doesn't answer your question as you wanted it to, but it's the truth. With most smart phones though, you can look in your settings and see how much data you have used in a given period of time and can sometimes see how much data a current program or application is using.

Your question has nothing to do with Mathematics, Why don't you ring your supplier to find out?