How many pictures can an iPhone 4 hold?

I was looking at my pictures and foun out I have 565 pictures! Is there a limit to how many an iPhone 4 can hold, or not?

Added (1). It's a 3G

How many gb's does it have?

Check for free space, it depends on the free space you have in my phone.


It varies by phone, depending on how many apps you have, videos, music, etc. All of it takes up space, and the more free space you have, the more pictures it will hold. You can look at the break down of your phones memory and free space when you sync the phone to itunes

The limit is down to storage space. For the record 3G is not space. That's the data connection that has nothing to do with that.

The iPhone 4 was/is available in 8, 16 & 32GB models. On average it takes 2MB shots. So if it was dedicated to that then it would hold

4096 pics on a 8GB
8192 pics on a 16GB
16384 pics on a 32GB

Again though these are purely averages. There is no 100% correct answer to it.