How much can I get for a used Nintendo DS Lite?

I'm 13 years old and saving up for an iPhone. I never use my DS anymore, so I decided I wanted to sell it. I already know what website I'm selling it thru, just not the right cost to put it up for!

-Used Black DS Lite in mint condition
-No scratches
-Comes with 2 stylus and a carrier bag with a retail price of $20
-Selling 5-10 games with it

I went to Game Stop and they would give me $40 in cash for just the DS alone, but $60 in instore credit. I need money though, so how much do you think this would go for? Thanks!

Well, you can buy a Brand new DS Lite for about 80 dollars. If you look on Craigslist you can buy a Nearly New one + Games for about 50-60.So, I would say the absolute maximum you could get for the DS Lite alone is about 40 bucks. Depending on the games, more. If you have any "Big" games like Pokemon, Mario, Animal Crossing, ect- Those go for more. But your best choice is Craigslist.