How much could I sell my iPhone for if it has Flappy Bird?

No hate. K. I was thinking about 800 or 900 dollars or at least enough to buy a new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5c. Suggestions?

I don't think that anyone would buy a phone that has flappy bird for $900.
Put some money on the phone not too
Much though. Buy some cool games that are new. ( Minecraft, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Flappy Bird, etc) . Also include the charger, and a case. From there you can negociate to Get the price you want. ( $ 850, $750, $900.)

- Surf the App Store for new games that are interesting, and fun

- Update the phone, ( New features, Update it, even jailbreak it. )

- Include some money in the App Store for the phone.

- include charger and case.

When you jailbreak you don't have to Pay for any games that cost money, you can change the logo at the top of the phone into Batman, Superman, logos. Buy books, músic, apps.

Good luck! :)