How much does a new iphone 3g & 3gs cost in 2013?

How much does a new Apple iphone 3g and 3gs cost at the moment? I can't find them on the apple site.

Apple won't have it but lately people have been having problems with iOS since the phone model is so old and can't be fixed

That's because Apple no longer sells it anymore (and they won't support it anymore). You can only find old, used ones now.

The oldest one you can get is the iPhone 4 now. If the iPhone 3GS was still available, it would cost the same as what the iPhone 4 would be selling atm. If you live in the US, that means it cost $450 if you buy it unlocked.

Apple stopped manufacturing the iPhone 3G and 3GS lately. So you won't get any official price but you can find them for $100-200.

How old does iPhones have to be before "Orchard dwellers" lose interest

Did all manufactures stopped making phones as they could not compete with the near 5 year old
IP 3G June 2008 ( Beijing Olympics) or the near 4 year old
IP 3GS June 2009

Both of these iPhones are therefore the last decade, NEITHER has a FLASH and whatever specification they did have spending ANY money either just a waste, except maybe just maybe Indiana Jones sees a value.

Both these need to stay in the last decade

The majority of manufactures have "entry" level phones that are head and shoulders above the Iphones eg CPW have the "" SG Ace for £90.00 and here is what £90 get you IP3GS
Note the IP4 also has a 5Mp camera, Apple invented camera flash for the IP4

IPHONE 3G 17, 999 184 8GB shared memory (No Memory Card)
IPHONE 3G 35, 000 359 16GB shared memory (No Memory Card)
IPHONE 3GS 31, 000 318 8GB shared memory (No Memory Card)
IPHONE 3GS 35.000 359 16GB shared memory (No Memory Card)
IPHONE 3GS 47, 000 482 32GB shared memory (No Memory Card)
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