How much does iPhone 4s cost in Saudi Arabia?

I'm about to work in Saudi Arabia and I want to buy iPhone 4s, how much will it cost? Is there any postpaid or prepaid plans there? Thank You.

Added (1). Can I buy it online or where can I purchase one?

The huge bookstore chain we have here is called Jarir bookstore.
I have this weeks advertising booklet from them. They list the iphone 4. But for some reason
they didnt put the price. I guess they dont want to scare anyone.hahaha.
maybe you can email them if you are out of the country and ask
on the flyer, they have an international tel no. 920000089
twitter: @jarirbookstore

I hope you can find out with any one of those up there. ^_^

Please take note that the middle east version of iPhone 4S is missing Facetime app. This is because of Apple. It is not being "blocked" by the government as some people think. The iOS6 version (or upgraded) is also missing YouTube app but you can download alternatives for missing apps from apple store.
Normal price is 2400 but you might find it for less. If you get it thru provider contract it will be more.
As shown here:

Iphone 4s price is not more then 2200 in Saudi Arabia. But there are some alternative software available that are blocked in some version of the different mobiles.

Jarir, Extra, IZONE etc sell smartphones and a lot of other things. But their prices are a bit too high.
go to and you'll get great deals! :)

Starting from 2000sr
yes there postpaid and prepaid plans from mobily zain and stc they also sells phones and data plans bundle