How much does it cost to activate an iPhone 4 with sprint?

Okay, so I actually have two questions. Is it true that you can go to the apple store and ask for an iPhone 4 and get one for free and just leave without paying a single dime? And how much does an iPhone 4 cost to activate it with sprint 2-year plan?

I pay 90 dollars a month for everything data plan with 450 min talk time with my iphone 4. I don't know how much it is to activate the phone itself but i think the 2 yr plan is mandatory. The apple iphone 4 is a 700 dollar phone. I don't imagine you can get it for free anywhere, especially from an apple store

You would have to sign a contract before leaving… Its only free with the contract with some carrier, meaning when you leave you have a 2 year contract started. They aren't stupid, you can't just get it free and not have a contract.