How much does the iPhone 5s cost without an upgrade?

I gave my 2 year upgrade to my mom, so I can't use it. How much is the full price of the iPhone 5s?

Probably about 600 thats just a guess though. Apple products tend to be way overpriced for what they are worth

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IPhone 5S with no contract/upgrade:

16GB - $649
32GB - $749
64GB - $849

Looks like iphone 5s on ebay currently as of October 4, 2013 is at least $800, and the unlocked ones are $1000 and up, for 32GB

cheapest i've seen for 5s 16GB is $650 on eBay. But it's for a Sprint version.

Iphone 5s is 640USD +.

But there are better phones than the iphone 5s.

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