How much does the iphone 5s cost?

I have the iphone 4s through verizon. My contract is up, meaning I am eligible for an upgrade. I want the iphone 5s. An upgrade costs 30$. The iphone costs 200$.So would I pay only 30$ since I already have an iphone, or would I pay only 30$ if I sign a two year contract?

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A 16GB IPhone 5s will cost you: $649.00
A 32GB IPhone 5s will cost you: $749.00
A 64GB IPhone 5s will cost you: $849.00

Iphone = $199 + Tax… Due on the spot at time of sale!

Upgrade Fee = $30, billed to yor next monthly bill

So… On 9/20/2013, go to your nearest Verizon store, applestore, best buy, walmart, radioshack, online website, or over-the-phone sale… Get the iphone 5s… Give them your credit or debit card… No cash no checks no money orders accepted, just like always… Your card is charged 199+tax… Accept another 2 year contract cause you want the iphone for $199 and not $599… Phone is activated by agent… , you go home… 30 days later, you will see a $30 upgrade fee on yoru bill… Why? Because you upgraded… Duh!

this isnt rocket science… This is standard upgrade procedur eon all carriers since.well.since time began!

I want an iphone 5s cellular, how much that will cost?