How much is an iPhone from straight talk?

How much would an iPhone 4/4s cost from straight talk?

Straight Talk doesn't sell iPhones.

I dont believe straight talk carries iPhones nor do I believe they will be able to activate just a sim card for you to use with an unlocked iphone. If you want my opinion, get yourself an AT&T locked iphone (or an unlocked iPhone) and use it with h2o wireless.

THey have a $60 dollar plan giving you unlimited talk/text nationwide and 2gb of data.
Yes it cost more than straight talk per month and yes they dont provide unlimited data HOWEVER you can use any AT&T locked phone (which are cheaper than unlocked ones) and you will get 3g speed internet or even 4g internet if you get a 4S.

If you get an unlocked iPhone and use it on any other sim card network other than AT&T or h2o you may only get 2g speed data which is crap if you are planning on streaming youtube videos etc.

StraightTalk doesn't sell iPhones. If you want an iPhone on StraightTalk, then you've to get one unlocked and use StraightTalk SIM in it. If you need iPhone 4 / 4S unlocked for StraightTalk at reasonable price, mail me to

I want a iPhone 4s