How much is the IPhone 5c and how much do you pay a month?

I've been looking at them and I would really like one!

$99 with a new 2-year contract or upgrade. Without a contract they are $549.

The monthly charge depends on the carrier and allowances (like amount of data you can use). For a single user you can expect to pay between $70-100 per month for a smartphone plan from a major carrier. If it's an additional phone on a family plan then it will be cheaper.

It really depends on your plan. I personally wouldn't get the iPhone 5c because it looks cheap. No offense I have the iPhone 5 but I really want the 5s now. I understand you want it because its an iPhone but I don't think it's worth it. But if you like you could go on your phone network website and see the plans and the cost! Or go in the apple website they have information on their too! You also need to thing about what you are going to do with the phone like the amount of text you text and browsing the Internet. It just really depends. I'm on a two year plan for sprint and my grandma pays about 75$ a month for unlimited texts and Internet so yeah!

Monthly amount depends on your plan. $60 - $120 average.

iPhone 5C with a 2 year contract:
16 GB - $99
32 GB - $199

iPhone 5C with no contract:
16 GB - $549
32 GB - $649