How much should I sell my DS Lite for on Ebay?

It is a blue DS Lite and it has some really light scratches. There is one scratch on the bottom screen. I'm including 7 stylus' and 3 gameboy games and 2 DS games. I'm also including a blue case. So how much should I sell this for? Thanks! Please help. I'm trying to save up money for an iPhone. This is way off topic but what else can I do to earn more money? Thanks!

Hm for the ds lite itself, i've seen them sell for 40-60 dollars. With the bundle i'm guessing around 75-85 dollars? If you're over 16, go to snagajob dot com to look for jobs in your area, if you don't wanna do that i suggest more ebay, sell clothes you dont wear, junk in the garage, go to yard sales. If you own a blog, use google adsense.