How much songs and photos does an iPhone 4 8gb hold?

I don't download apps, (I use my ipad for that)
But how many songs and pictures will it hold?

It all depends on the size of the picture and song. The better the quality of picture the more memory it uses and with songs the higher the quality the less memory it uses.

If its a picture you took with your iphone, its very low quality so won't use much space. If it was taken with a good camera it will use more space as it has a higher pixel amount and a better quality.

8GB - 3GBfor iOS ROM = 5GB (5120MB) free space for user…

typical average MP3 is 6MB… So lets say you want to use up 4GB (4096MB)… So, go back to 3rd grade… 4096 / 6 = about 682 songs…

that means you have about 1GB (1024MB) left for pics… The average pic is about 10MB (given a 8MP picture)… So 1024/10 = about 102 pics

now… This is only accurate if you DO NOT download a freakin thing!