How much space of Gb do I need for the iPhone 5s?

Hello everybody, I am going to buy an iPhone 5s in the next couple of weeks and I want to know if i should get a 16gb or 32gb. I am thinking that I am going to have about 40-50 apps, 50-70 songs, about 10-15 videos etc. I am thinking of buying the 16gb for $649 (I have tmobile lol) and I want to know things I still don't know already about the iPhone 5s for all the tech whiz's out there. I am sorry if this too long to read. Thanks people!

I would go with the 32GB I have the 16GB and with about 40 apps and 100 songs the memory is full

16 GB should be alright because I've got seventy-five apps and two hundred songs with 16 GB and I've still got breathing room.

Well, your 70 songs will probably take up around 490 Megabytes (at 7MB per song). Your 50 apps will probably take up around 2500 Megabytes (at 50MB per app). That's a total of 2990MB, which is equal to about 3 Gigabytes. I think the 16GB is plenty.

Of course, that doesn't include the operating system, saved data, and pre-installed apps. But even so, the 16GB is probably enough for you.

If you're going to have that many things, then the 32GB will be preferable. It really depends on the size of your videos though, but generally that much content could take up a lot more than 16GB (especially if the videos are full length movies that have HD quality). Hope this helped.