How to activate my iphone on a different apple id?

So i got a new to me iphone4s and had to restore it to factory settings. But as i did that the phone now says that i have to sighn into a specific apple id instead of useing mine. Im not sure what to do, the phone is not stolen and will not be reported stolen so i dont have to worry about that but i really only wanted it as another toy to play on… If you can help please do, thank you


Restore it from iTunes!

You can't. Restoring it from iTunes will not help either. A new feature on iOS 7 called activation lock. It means that if a person has their phone stolen or if they lost it and someone finds it, the person that stole it or found it will not be able to use it. The person that activated the phone has to turn the feature off from their icloud account or from the phone itself.

Can't use apple id to get back in to my iphone 4 to activate it after resting it. Need help, could anyone help me.

I'm having the same problem.