How to allow apps access to my photos?

I recently updated my iPhone 4S and now I can't for example upload photos to Instagram.

I've gone to settings - privacy - photos but there is nothing there! It just says "apps that have requested access to your photos will appear here".

I've tried everything, please help!

Hmm, well on my 4 I followed the steps you have tried just now to double check. When I go to Settings > Privacy > Photos and I have a list of many apps that are all turned on, and instagram is one of them

I can't access my albums to print photos on my photo cube

Go onto privacy

If you cant help why even comment… Absurd!

Go to General, Restrictions then Photos and allow changes and that will take care of it!

Thanks worked for me…

I have a iPhone 5 and I can't get my photos on insta and I tried waht you said but it didn't work

Mine won't let me change it to allow changes

going into restrictions didnt work for me

It didn't work for my snapchat and it's really annoying

How do I get snapchat to allow photo when I go to privacy and camera it's just says how any app that requested phot with show but snapchay doesn't show?

I have an iPhone 5 I tried going on restrictions and on privacy not working at all will someone please help its for an app?!

I need help accessing my photos on all my apps the requires photos

I need help accessing my photos on all my apps the requires photos

Close whichever app you want to allow access to (double tap the home button and swipe it away). Go to restrictions (in general). Go to photos. Choose allow changes. Close settings. Go back to the app and start it. Try to access photos and when prompted, choose allow. Should work. If not, go back to general>restrictions>photos - you should see the app there. Allow it access.