How to become a survival expert or a certified survival expert?

ok so im only 15 but i want to become a survival expert or a certified survival expert pretty soon i already have some basic military training wich might help… Remember the Bath Salt Zombie Attacks from a couple of years ago? Well leave it to today's youth to take those drugs and glorify them as the next way to get high, Now I'm not talking about the Walking Dead here. I'm talking about real-life zombies who are so whacked out on drugs, television, our sick society, and countless other degenerating factors, that they have morphed into mindless soulless beasts that no longer care about their fellow human beings.Think I'm exaggerating? Have you taken a good look at society lately? People are willing to literally kill each other over an iPhone. Forget the mindless idiots who sit in line for ten hours when the stupid phone hits the market - because heaven for bid they be caught walking around with a phone that's more than 6 months old, In my opinion, our society is just one disaster away from total collapse. Take a look at disasters like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina, and then imagine what would happen if our country were to face a similar, but prolonged nationwide disaster. America might be close to an economic collapse we are in trillions of dollars in debt and 50 percent of america are on well fare. What if its worse then the great depression? If people are willing to kill for an iphone they will be willing to kill for food… This is why i want to become a survial expert cause once disaster strikes you can find me in the wilderness:) thanks in advance

Read some survivers books like 5-10 of them in the next 1 month then the fog clears away in your mind and you'll see the path.

get a rifle lots of ammo, lots of cement, move to Montana dig a hole build a bunker

When it gets that bad, just kill me and eat me if you have to. I wouldn't want to live in that world, especially with all of the nuts with the guns.