How to bypass iPhone 4S Activation Screen?

I'm considering ordering an unlocked GSM-Compatible iPhone 4S Apple's website, but I wish to not have any phone, texting, or internet services on it. I mainly just wish to use it as an iPod because of the better camera. Please don't ask questions like "Why don't you just buy an iPod and a camera?", because I wish to have them combined. Moving on, I have confusion about SIM cards in general and how I could use a deactivated on to bypass iPhone 4S's activation screen. I also did some research on R-SIM cards, but I don't know if they work for iOS 7.
So my questions are;
Can I use a random deactivated SIM card to bypass the activation?
Is there an R-SIM card that works for iOS 7?
Is there any way, if the ways I've mentioned don't work, to bypass the activation without an activated SIM card?
Thanks, and sorry if this is a little long!

Simple - if it's unlocked, borrow a friend's active sim card to activate the iPhone. (This will only work if it's genuinely unlocked.)

If not at the moment, there's no workaround for bypassing the activation screen.

And no, a deactivated sim card will not work.

1. Download the Mac or PC version of the iTunes syncing software (see the link in Resources). Click on the iTunes icon when the download is complete. Follow the menu commands to install the iTunes program on the computer's hard drive. Restart the PC.
2. Connect the iPhone connection cable to the dock connection on the iPhone. Connect the other end of the iPhone connection cable to a USB port on the computer.
3. Double-click on the icon of the iTunes program to launch it. Wait as an icon of the iPhone appears in the "Devices" column at the left side of the iTunes program. Wait as the activation screen appears in the center of the iTunes program.
4. Enter your name, address and credit card information into the appropriate columns of the activation screen. Enter the following fake Social Security number into the social security column: 999-99-9999. Select a rate plan from the drop-down menu below the "Rate" column. Agree to the activation terms by clicking the "Agree" button. Press the "Continue" button.
5. Wait as the activation screen fails to register the phone and brings up the Prepaid screen instead. Enter the information from the AT

Simple fact of the matter is that an iPod touch that will do what you want & nothing more will cost much less & avoid much more hassle to use it than an unlocked iPhone 4S.

$397.50 - 08GB iPhone 4S
$399.00 - 64GB iPod touch 5G

Oh & in case you didn't know the iPod touch 4G & 5G both have cameras in the front & rear

You can't by pass the activation screen. Of course the phone needs to be activated to be able to be used even if you don't intend for it to be.