How to clear my recently used apps on my iPhone?

"Multitasking" becomes kind of pointless when pretty much every single app I have on my phone is down there.

Double-tap the home button to get to multitasking and then tap and hold one of the icons. They should begin to shake, and a red dash will appear on each one. Then, hit the dash to delete them.
Good luck!

Double click Ur home button, hol down an icon and click the little red circle in the corner of the app icon. Repeat until cleared

Double click the home button (circular button on the bottom of the phone) and a bar of recently used apps will appear. Select an icon you wish you clear for a moment and wait for the icons to jiggle. Once you've selected the icon, a white 'X' will appear on the top corner of the icon. "X" out of each app you wish to clear.
Note: This will not delete the app, only close it and shut down the app.

Not working for my phone:-/

How do i clear recently used apps on iphone new OS7?

I'm with that person^^^ if like to know the same thing

Same as that last one os7 double click don't work!

Double click, then swipe up.

Touch the icon for about a sec. Then swipe up.