How to convert my excel spreadsheet calculator I made into an app/program?

Hi, I have used the basic formulas in excel 2010 to create this mini calculator which just allows one to insert data and get converted data out, just a little thing to speed things up. Anyway, I was wondering if there is a way I can convert this spreadsheet i made into some sort of swf, or app or program that i could just open up any time… I would also be very grateful if someone could maybe tell me if there is a way to convert this into an app for iphone/android? Thank you very much, all the best.

Short answer no to both.

Good on you.

It's nice to have your own home made calculator.

As for converting it into an application, I do not know of any way you can do it.
Each time you open this calculator file it will need to open in the program you created it in.
(Excel 2010.It may also open in OpenOffice )

I used spreadsheetconverter to convert similar calc to html, after that you will be able put folder with data on your device and open calculator with Safari (for ex.).