How to delete songs on the iOS 7 for iPhone 4S?

I went to play songs and realized I had all of them on there because they were transferring from iCloud. So I went on to music in the settings app and turned off show all music. But I still have 3 songs that I can't delete! It won't let me swipe left like it can on other songs. Please help

I'm having the same issue only on iphone 5. How frustrating that you can't even delete your own music…

I have the same problem and its pissing me off… I hope they can fix it soon

Had the same problem. Had a little play around with it and I think I found the solution!
Go to settings > Music > then turn off 'Show All Music' the icloud songs will not be on display! Hope that helps x

Hi! Ok I just figured out how to delete the songs! So here's the deal: You just played the songs from iCloud right? You didn't press the little download cloud yet. You can't delete something that technically isn't there. So go to setting>music and turn ON Show all music. Press the cloud to download the songs you want to delete, go back to setting>music And turn OFF show all music. Now go to the songs you want to delete, slide and delete! :-) Hope that helped!

T above has got it spot on! Not sure about the new iOS though!

Settings>General>Usage>Show All Apps>Music>Edit> "Red Button"… You're welcome