How to delete songs on the iPhone 4S on iOS 7?

So I've been trying to figure out how to delete songs on my iPhone 4S using iOS 7. I turned iCloud off for music, and two songs showed up that I really don't want. So then I go back to the iCloud thing for music, turn it on, download those songs, and turn it off. Then I go back and try to slid to delete the songs… And it just plays them. It's almost like insult to injury there.So, if anyone can help me figure out how to delete them, I'd be real happy. Thanks, people.

You hold on to the song and then slide the across the song name to the left.

Well if the songs show the iCloud download symbol next to them(even after you slide to delete) you can go into settings, click music then click the 'show all music' switch off hope this helps: D

This is happening to me too and I have done everything that people have said. It's not working. I hope they fix this problem because it's really annoying

Same thing happening to me 3 songs I can't get rid of, just keeps playing them.

I found this, it helped but it delete all your music

I had to remove all of my music. Settings>General>Usage>Music>Edit>delete All Music. Then re-add all the music I wanted. It's a pain, but it worked.

Turn back on show all music, then go back to your music player and click the download from iCloud button by the songs that are stuck on your device. This will make them so they actually register as being on your phone. Then go back and turn off show all music. Now you can delete them by swiping to the left in the music player on the songs you don't want.

You have to swipe left instead of right

View songs. Then slide from right to left. Delete should come up. The trick is you can't delete by viewing albums or artists it has to be songs.

Check this out to find out how to delete the song in the music app in Ios7 Device(iphone, Ipad, Itouch)

Lee on 20.09.2013 - THANK YOU! This is the only thing that worked. Yay.I'm finally rid of that horrible song!

Lee on 20.09.2013 Thanks!

What song was it? Just out of curiosity