How to download free music on my iPhone?

Please Help ME!
So fed up of all my friends laughing at me about spending a fortune on a couple of hundred songs when they're simply downloading thousands of songs for free!

Is it possible to just download free music straight onto my phone?

Or do I need to do it through a computer? Because unfortunately all my music is only on my iPhone as my laptop has broken down…

If it is the computer option, can you please name a couple of good sites? Ones that are simple enough but with a lot of songs.

THANK YOUUUUU! I'll give me 10 points or whatever!

Well I can't really think of anything straight from your phone, but there is a site;
Basically you go to YouTube and search up a song you want and copy the URL of it (website at the top) and paste it onto flvto where it says something like 'enter URL here'. Good luck.

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