How to get ios 7 off my iphone 4?

So i got ios 7 on one of those downloading websites and its so slow and bad! Please Help BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. IT MAKES ME WANT TO DIE.

It's a virus… It has not been released yet.

Go back 6.1.3, follow this:
Go to DFU mode if you don't know how: Hold Power and Home button simultaneously for 15 secs then let go of Power while still holding Home button for 10 more secs and voila (keep your phone plugged in during the process)
iTunes will say that theres a device in restoration mode or some ish like that click OK or Restore and it'll restore to ur latest firmware which is the 6.1.3

First off iOS7 is available for people who are developers or that have registered their UDID. (which you can do at and also download iOS7) and second the newest official iOS release is 6.1.4. Once you update to iOS7 you cant really go back… So be careful. But if you need to, try the above suggestion other wise there is work arounds on the internet. BTW i have iOS7 on my phone… Works really well actually and i love it so far.cant wait for Beta 2

This ios7 is the worst thing ever! Now I'm going to have to go to the apple store and wait FOREVER for someone to help me get this CRAP off my phone! Why would you offer this CRAP if it doesn't work right!