How to get jealous people to leave me alone?

At school some girls and boys pick on me and I know there jealous because I have some nice items like a iPhone in example, a lot of people like me, I'm good looking and intelligent. How can I avoid them I have insulted them but they still won't leave me alone. What is the best way to get them to go away?

If I were you I wouldn't use your possessions as a crutch or flash them about. It seems to inspire them to provoke you more.

Also when you are provoked, I wouldn't show it.

I would try to learn to focus on the friends you do have as opposed to focus on the ones that you don't have.

Life is not about how many people like us but how much we like and respect ourselves - the right people will then come to you.

Steps in order:

1. Get a sock
2. Fill it with billiard balls
3. SWING ***

Totally ignore them. Pretend you're not listening.
They'll get bored, and hurry off.
It may seem hard, but they'll go away.