How to get more 3G signal inside my home?

I get 1-2 bars in my home for 3G and if I move a little bit that also goes away & if I get outside my home the network and 3G speed is perfect, even if I go out in my balcony the network is awesome just the network ain't goof inside. Is there any way to get good signal by making such a device at home by using the day to day materials to amplify the network?

More info:
• I use an iPhone 5
• Vodafone GSM India
• My house is on the 7th floor

Yes, but it's going to cost you.

There are cell phone signal boosters that you can use but they cost over $100. Don't bother with the cheap plastic sticker you put in the phone. They do not work.

Go here if you still want to commit to this: