How to get my iphone 5 out of recovery mode?

I was stupid enough to try to get the new ios 7 software without any luck. I used this video I tried to restore it in a 6.1.4 thingy, but my phone just got stuck in what people call "recovery mode" and I can't get it to function. I've tried to search the web and find out how to make it work, but nothing helps.

Please help me, I am desperate. I hope to god it will function and is not bricked.

Plug it into iTunes, then click iPhone when it pops up on top right side of iTunes screen. Scroll down that screen and click restore.


Read these steps carefully:
1. Go to the nearest Apple store, shout in the middle of the store, "This is the most terrible boxed in phone I have ever used! You are so greedy stealing all my money on expensive apps!"
2. Throw the phone your hardest at the nearest wall.
3. Walk out, go to a Samsung store.
4. Ask the person at the counter to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4
5. Go home.
6. Plug the device in your computer, noticing that you can actually browse the files on you new Android device without using iTunes.
7. Redownload all the apps you had on your iPhone for free.
8. Enjoy your bigger screen, with better pixel density, a super fast device with a excellent camera. A excellent GPU and processor.
9. Choose this as Best Answer when you are done