How to get Netflix without Internet?

I work overnights at work and its really hard to stay awake. I figured if i had Netflix, it would help me stay awake.

My client doesn't have Internet at his house. I have an iPhone 4S with Verizon and 4gb of data monthly. I don't want to tether my phone or use a mobile hotspot because Netflix would use up my gigabytes of data within two hours.

Is there any other possible way I could try?

Well, Netflix Instant runs OFF the internet, so…

your best bet is using DVDs or something.

I don't think you can

Netflix is an internet service so… No internet, no Netflix.

Q: How can I get Netflix without Internet?
A: No more difficult than swimming without water.

It's Called NETflix - key word - Net. You stream titles over the internet

but Netflix does also do DVD and blu-ray Rentals by Mail. 1 disc at a time starting a 7.99 a month. You could always rent something on Disc and watch it there on a TV