How to get snapchat to send push notifications?

My snapchat app on my iPhone doesn't send me notifications when I get sent a snapchat. There is no option to turn on push notifications on the snapchat settings screen nor is there in my iPhone settings. I've also tried deleting and re-installing the app but no luck. Is anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks:)

In most apps, u usually have to go to settings > notifications > push messages and either tick the box or select on, or something like that

I have iPhone 5 and mine does the same thing:(

You're ganna wanna go into the snapchat settings in the app. Should be on the top right corner at the newsfeed page. Once you press it, make sure notifcation sounds is on.

Mine does the same thing

My iPhone 4S does the same thing and it's so annoying.

you can't enter snapchat… IM So MAD

If y'all need help with your snapchat to send notifications go to settings scroll to the very bottom hit snapchat then hit notifications and hit aow notifications