How to get to your apn settings on an iPhone 4S?

How do you get to your apn settings on an iPhone 4S?

Location of APN Settings OptionIf you aren't able to access your iPhone's APN settings, make sure you are looking for the menu in the right area of the phone. To access APN settings, tap the "Settings" icon, then tap the "General" option and the "Network" option. The "APN Settings" option appears underneath the "Cellular Data" option. Jailbreaking and Access to APN SettingsAPN settings are only visible on iPhones that have been jailbroken to be used with any carrier's SIM card and are therefore never available on iPhones that don't accept SIM cards, such as those Verizon and Sprint sell. Jailbreaking an iPhone requires you to transfer software from a computer onto the iPhone, then run it on the iPhone as an application. Reasons to Input Manual APN SettingsInputting manual APN settings allows you to bypass data settings a SIM card specifies. Another reason to input manual settings is if the carrier you use strictly limits the amount of data transfer you are allotted. By temporarily deleting your APN username or password, you prevent the data network from staying signed on when the iPhone is idle and using up your data allotment. Risks of JailbreakingAlthough jailbreaking offers you the flexibility of using the iPhone with non-AT